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Wolves of the Sea


Orcas in the Salish Sea, British Columbia, Canada, September 2017

Orcas, also known as Killer Whales, frequent the Salish Sea, which is the water between Vancouver Island and the Canadian Mainland. This specialist Mark Cawardine 6-day trip was based out of the delightful small town of Sidney on Vancouver Island. Expertly guided by Mark, we spent upto 10 hours each day in a small aluminium whale watching boat searching for Orcas. There are two distinct eco-types that live here. Resident Orcas are found in large pods, and we were lucky enough to find a "mega-pod" of 78 Orcas. They eat fish, mainly salmon. The other type are Transient Orcas. Usually found in much smaller pods, typically 5-8 animals, they prey on marine mammals, such as other whales, dolphins and seals, in this area Harbour Seals are high up the menu. A superb trip, the Salish Sea must surely be the very best place in the world to see this spectacular apex predator.