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Spirit Bear Quest


Spirit Bear Quest on board Island Odyssey, British Columbia, Canada, September/October 2017

This trip on board a Bluewater Adventures boat, Island Odyssey, was a tremendous success. We spent seven days cruising around the Inside Passage in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia on their delightful 12 passenger boat looking for all types of wildlife, although for me the main target of the trip was always the Spirit Bear. Also known as the Kermode Bear, it is an extremely rare type of American Black Bear, as it has a white or cream-coloured coat. This colour is due to a double recessive gene unique to the sub-species, similar to the gene causing ginger hair in humans. They are not related in any way to Polar Bears, and sometimes a mother black bear can have a white cub, or vice versa. I had a particularly close encounter with one bear, the video below captures the moment. Thanks for this video go to Graham Boulnois, you can see more of his videos on his website wildlifeaction.co.uk

Of course we saw loads of other wildlife in the wilderness of the Inside Passage, including Black Bears, Brown Bears, Humpback Whales, Orca, American Marten and American Mink.

Other highlights included two Humpback Whales "bubble-net feeding" for Herring just by the dock at the small town of Klemtu, and a pod of Transient Orca hunting an unfortunate Steller's Sea Lion.


Click here to watch the video of Richard with Spirit Bear