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Pumas and Condors, Patagonia


Pumas and Condors, Patagonia, Chile & Argentina

September 2016

A comprehensive Natures Images tour to both Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. The first part of the trip was in Chile, concentrating mainly on Pumas and their prey in both Torres del Paine National Park and a neighbouring private estancia. In some cases Pumas were found high in the mountains, in others they were more obliging, resting next to the road! The second part of the journey was in Argentina at Estancia El Condor to see, unsurprisingly, Andean Condors! We watched the world's largest flighted birds from a high vantage point on top of some cliffs, and then later feasting on a Guanaco carcass. All in all a most successful phototour, ably led by Mark Sisson and accompanied by Natures Images team of South American guides.

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