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Predators of the Masai Mara, Kenya


Predators of the Masai Mara and Wildlife of Laikipia, Kenya, January 2018

A stunning and memorable trip. Guided by award-winning wildlife photographer Greg du Toit, we visited Kenya's Masai Mara, travelling on a phototour organised by Oryx Photography. Our four days at Naibor Camp in the Masai Mara National Reserve were dominated by unseasonal rains - spectacular thunderstorms each afternoon or evening certainly added drama to the visit. The wildilfe viewing was excellent, with Lions and Cheetah sighted on numerous occasions. We then transfered to Kicheche Bush Camp in the adjacent Olare Motorogi Conservancy for a further four nights. This is one of my favourite camps in Africa, and it has never failed to deliver. Here we had even more Lion and Cheetah encounters, and the trip was topped of with a wonderful Leopard with cub on the last morning. As a pre-extension to the Mara trip we visited the lovely Laikipia Wilderness Lodge in northern Kenya. Our target here was to have been Wild Dogs, but tragically a couple of months ago 95% of them were wiped out by canine distemper. Each day we searched this wilderness area for any remaining dogs, but it was regrettably in vain. However, we did have some nice sightings of other resident wildilfe, particularly many large Elephant herds, and some of the exotic wildlife the area is famous for such as Reticulated Giraffes and Grevy's Zebras.