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Masai Mara - The Conservancies


Kenya's Masai Mara - The Conservancies

February 2017

To the north and east of the Masai Mara National Reserve are numerous Conservancies that have been established over the last ten to fifteen years. These areas were previously uncontrolled ranches, but are now wildlife conservation areas, leased to camp operators to provide income for the Maasai owners. They aim to overcome many of the problems that affect the National Reserve, in particular tourist densities are kept low, camps are small, strict observance of numbers of vehicles at sightings, and Maasai grazing is to an agreed management plan.

On a private safari, organised by Safari Consultants,  we accessed four of these conservancies. The first five days we stayed in Olare Motorogi Conservancy at the superb Kicheche Bush Camp, my favourite camp in Kenya! Then we stayed for eight nights at the very special Mara House, one of just three "Bush" house in the Masai Mara area; from here we had access to Ol Choro, Lemek and Mara North Conservancies.

Three slide shows follow:

1. A Cheetah hunting a Thompson's Gazelle

2. General wildlife viewing

3. Hyenas hunting an hour old Wildebeest calf