Wild and Wonderful

Finland - Winter's End



Eurasian Brown Bears and Eurasian Wolf

Martinselkonen Wilderness Centre, Ruhtinansalmi and Boreal Wildlife Centre, Viiksimo, Finland

Aprtl 2019

This was a Natures Images trip run by Danny Green. The standard trip includes for four nights in the hides. I extended this to include an extra two nights at Martinselkonen, and three further nights in the hides at the Boreal Wildlife Centre.

When I arrived, winter's grip still seemed firm, with deep snow and freezing overnight conditions. However, within a few days unseasonably mild weather thawed most of the snow, a feature you can easily see in the photos. Brown Bear sightings this year were superb, with a huge number of opportunities of numerous bears for a variety of interesting shots. Additionally, we had an unexpected visitor - a Eurasian Wolf appeared one morning, and over the next twenty four hours or so, made multiple visits to the area adjacent to the hides.

All in all, a hugely successful trip - my thanks to Danny Green and the team at Natures Images for organising and running it.